African Parks in the News

  • Blog | 24 April 2016
    The Tale of Two Shoebills
    Source: African Parks

    Seymour, a shoebill chick, was brought to Bangweulu Wetlands by a concerned local community member. The fisherman had heard that people were planning to steal...

  • Blog | 20 March 2016
    Canine Command
    Source: African Parks

    Eight highly-trained dogs have joined the anti-poaching unit at Akagera National Park

  • Blog | 20 February 2016
    Changing Lives
    Source: African Parks

    The lives of four communities are being transformed by the planting of 40,000 cocoa saplings outside Odzala-Kokoua National Park in the Congo. The programme, involving...

  • Blog | 25 June 2015
    For Art’s Sake
    Source: African Parks

    More than 100 rock art sites have been identified by Rocco Rava, the African Parks manager, evaluating the potential for Ennedi to be established as...