Siniaka Minia National Park

A crucial protected area to secure vital migration corridors and range habitats for diverse species.

Located amidst awe-inspiring inselbergs and mountain formations, Siniaka Minia is the youngest but also largest National Park in Chad. It sprawls across an impressive 4,158 km2 and is an integral part of the extraordinary landscape of the Greater Zakouma Ecosystem. The Siniaka and Tourda Rivers meander through its savannah ecosystem, home to various species, including the Kordofan giraffe, red-fronted gazelle, buffalo, and Large predators including lion, leopard and cheetah.

Initially established in 1965 to protect the black rhinoceros, Siniaka Minia Wildlife Reserve faced a grim fate due to insufficient management,, leading to the local extinction of the species in the late 1970s. After a successful partnership between the Chadian government and African Parks to manage Zakouma National Park, in 2017, the government invited African Parks to support in the management of not just Siniaka Minia Wildlife Reserve but also Bahr Salamat Wildlife Reserve (BSFR) and the adjoining wildlife corridors, thereby encompassing the entire Greater Zakouma Ecosystem (GZE) under this new mandate. In 2024, Siniaka Minia was officially declared a National Park.

Siniaka Minia Highlights

  • Siniaka Minia, covering 4,158 km2, was officially declared a National Park in 2024. It is a crucial element of the Zakouma Greater Ecosystem, which spans over 28,162 km2 and consists of the Zakouma National Park, Siniaka Minia National Park, and the Bahr Salamat Wildlife Reserve.
  • Siniaka is home to magnificent granite formations including inselbergs and mountains.
  • The vegetation consists mainly of shrub to tree savannahs (Detarium microcarpum, Combretum lutinosum, Piliostigma reticulata, Anogeissus leiocarpus, Oxyteranthera abyssinica) and it is worth noting the presence of sites of archaeological value.
  • It hosts iconic species representative of the North Sudanian domain, such as the kordofan giraffe, buffalo, hartebeest, roan antelope, red-fronted gazelle, cheetah, spotted hyena, lion, leopard and the greater kudu.
  • In 2022, over 900 buffalo were translocated to Siniaka Minia from Zakouma in the largest-ever buffalo translocation.


Siniaka Minia National Park is managed by African Parks in partnership with the Government of Chad. In 2010, the government and the European Union approached African Parks to assume management responsibility for Zakouma National Park. In 2017, the conservation footprint was significantly increased when African Parks signed a new partnership agreement with the government to manage the Greater Zakouma Ecosystem, which includes the Siniaka Minia Wildlife Reserve, the Bahr Salamat Wildlife Reserve (BSWR). In 2022, the agreement was renewed, thus reinforcing the protection of this crucial landscape. The National Transition Council passed the law classifying the national park on 26 December 2023. Furthermore, the law was promulgated on 09 February 2024, making Siniaka Minia officially Chads 5th and also largest National Park.