African Parks in the News

  • Press Releases | 11 February 2022
    Update on Incidents in W National Park, Benin
    Source: African Parks

    As an update to the incident that took place on Tuesday, February 8th, investigations have revealed that the attack was extremely complex, involving improvised explosive...

  • Press Releases | 09 February 2022
    Incident au Parc National W-Bénin
    Source: African Parks

    C'est avec un profond regret que nous vous informons qu'hier, dans l'après-midi du mardi 8 février, une équipe de rangers a été prise en embuscade...

  • Press Releases | 09 February 2022
    Incident in W National Park
    Source: African Parks

    It is with deep regret that we share that yesterday, on the afternoon of Tuesday, February 8th a team of rangers were ambushed in W...

  • Press Releases | 16 December 2021
    Legacy Landscapes Fund Approves Two More Sites
    Source: Legacy Landscapes Fund

    The Supervisory Board of the Legacy Landscapes Fund (LLF) has decided on funding two more sites by unanimous vote: Odzala-Kokoua National Park in the Republic...

  • Press Releases | 01 October 2021
    APN Response to K.d.Bruijne_ Clingendael July 2021
    Source: African Parks

    To: Mr. Kars de Bruijne, Members of the Supervisory Board and Advisory Council of Clingendael, and the Executive Team of ACLED.

    From: African Parks Network...