African Parks in the News

  • Blog | 03 May 2023
    Building a New Frontier of Conservation
    Source: African Parks / Marcus Westberg

    Wildlife numbers in Boma and Badingilo national parks in South Sudan are far greater than even the most optimistic experts predicted.

  • Blog | 02 February 2023
    Shining a Spotlight on Garamba
    Source: African Parks

    Once fraught with rampant poaching and devasting instability for communities, today Garamba National Park is a shining example of what can be achieved when strong...

  • Blog | 21 November 2022
    Protecting Africa’s Intact Nature
    Source: Peter Fearnhead, CEO of African Parks

    Nature is the planet's in-built mechanism for regulating climate and mitigating the impact of extreme climatic events. But for nature to be properly effective, biodiversity...

  • Blog | 01 November 2022
    African Parks’ 161 Strategy
    Source: African Parks

    "What is not being managed today, will be lost tomorrow": Learn more about African Park's 161 Strategy to secure African's protected area network.

  • Blog | 22 September 2022
    To Save Rhinos We First Need Protected Areas
    Source: African Parks Blogger

    With rhino populations declining rapidly across the continent, and greatly improved security in Akagera, the park offered an ideal conservation option to preserving rhinos.

  • Blog | 13 September 2022
    Chinko – The Story of a Once Forgotten Land
    Source: African Parks Blogger

    Situated within the Eastern Central African Republic (CAR) Wilderness Area, the most remote and uninhabited wilderness area in tropical Africa, Chinko holds a story of...