Mangochi Forest Reserve

A critical ecological catchment that serves as an important dispersal area for elephants and other species for this region in Malawi

Mangochi Forest Reserve is 407 km2 and contiguous with Liwonde National Park which spans 548km2. It is a critical ecological catchment and serves as an important dispersal area for elephants and other species in this region in Malawi. Mangochi is the fourth park in the country to be brought under the management of African Parks and in 2019 was included in The Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy - a unique network of forest conservation initiatives resonating in all 53 countries of the Commonwealth. Ecologically-linked to Liwonde, Mangochi is critical to the long-term conservation of the entire landscape and expands African Parks’ management by 74% in this area.

Mangochi Forest Reserve has experienced declines in its mammal populations. Despite this, its biodiversity, intact forest, size, and connectivity to Liwonde and northern Mozambique are a crucial ecological extension of Liwonde. Currently, the reserve is still home to a small population of elephants, a breeding population of leopard, and uniquely occurring bird and butterfly species.

The long-term vision for the Liwonde and Mangochi complex is to establish comprehensive protection of the full area, further develop tourism infrastructure, and increase revenue generation and associated employment to ensure that these places persist long into the future. The full spectrum of African Parks’ operations in Liwonde, including law enforcement, conservation, and habitat management, community engagement and socio-economic development will be extended to Mangochi Forest Reserve to achieve this vision.

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