Mangochi Forest Reserve

Mangochi Forest Reserve is a vital ecological catchment and an important dispersal area for elephant and other species for this region in Malawi.

Adjoining Liwonde National Park, Mangochi Forest Reserve is a critical ecological catchment that serves as an important dispersal area for elephant and other species in this region in Malawi. In 2018, the Government of Malawi extended our mandate in Liwonde to incorporate the contiguous 358 km² Mangochi so that the entire area under our management is now 903 km2.

Despite years of decline, Mangochi is home to a small population of elephant, a breeding population of leopard, and uniquely occurring bird and butterfly species. It is an important addition to Liwonde, increasing the area under management by 65% and a significant step in the long-term conservation of these two areas, enhancing the ability to secure biodiversity and to promote a conservation economy for local communities. Together they can achieve a far greater conservation impact than they can apart.

The full spectrum of African Parks’ operations in Liwonde, including conservation and habitat management, conservation law enforcement, community engagement and socio-economic development extends to Mangochi Forest Reserve to achieve our vision for the reserve and the area. As a result, Liwonde and Mangochi have re-emerged as sanctuaries for both people and wildlife.

Biodiversity Conservation

As of 2022, several species have been translocated from the adjoining Liwonde National Park to Mangochi to boost populations and fast track restoration and biodiversity. These include impala, sable, warthog and waterbuck. Kudu and Lichtenstein’s hartebeest were also translocated to Mangochi from Majete Wildlife Reserve.

To mitigate human-wildlife conflict, in 2022 the entire Liwonde-Mangochi boundary fence was completed, resulting in reduced conflict and lives saved.

Community Development

The people living around Mangochi have begun to benefit from the extension of Liwonde’s programmes in education, enterprise initiatives and healthcare. Income-generating activities contribute to the livelihoods of more people each year.

Park Revenue Generation

Liwonde and Mangochi are at the centre of a major economic hub in southern and eastern Malawi. Tourism revenue has increased in Liwonde, and the aim is to extend the experience into Mangochi.

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