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    Overview of African Parks

    Read a brief summary of what we do and our vision for the future of conservation 

  • Park Resource | Nkhotakota
    Annual Report 2017 - Nkhotakota

    Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve has had a difficult past. Decades of poaching and lawlessness saw a previously productive 1,800 km2 reserve with 1,500 elephants in the 1990’s reduced to fewer than 100 individuals. Game animals were hunted out. Nkhotakota had become

  • Park Resource | Liwonde
    Annual Report 2017 - Liwonde

    Situated in Malawi, the ‘warm heart of Africa,’ Liwonde National Park has been the home of incredible wildlife translocations and reintroductions.  When African Parks assumed management of Liwonde, in partnership with the Department of National Parks and Wildlife (DNPW) in