Visit Bazaruto Archipelago

5 Reasons to Visit Bazaruto

    1. Bazaruto harbours the last remaining viable population of dugongs on the East African coast
  1. Set in tranquil, turquoise seas and fringed by powder-white beaches, the park’s five sub-tropical islands, two of which are uninhabited, make up Mozambique’s oldest Marine Protected Area

  2. Iconic marine megafauna inhabit Bazaruto’s temperate waters including whale sharks, whales, manta rays, dolphins, sharks, marlin, sailfish, and nesting marine turtles

  3. A diver's paradise, Bazaruto's reefs offer some of the most diverse and pristine corals in East Africa, also accessible at low tide for snorkelers to enjoy

  4. Easy to visit, the park is easily accessed via daily flights from Johannesburg International Airport, combined with a short transfer from Vilankulo Airport to any of the four island lodges or day visitor sites

Bazaruto Travel Information

Visitor Rates

Before entering the park, payment can be made in the following currencies at the Park’s Tourism Office in Vilankulo or at the satellite office in Inhassoro:

  • Mozambican Meticais (MZN)
  • US Dollars (USD) 

There are three ATMs in Vilankulo, and foreign currency can be exchanged at any one of these banks. 

  • Kindly note that payments cannot be made in the Park. 
  • Rates are subject to adjustment by the Government of Mozambique. 

Where to find our offices: 

(Google Map of our office location in Vilankulo and Inhassoro.) 

Entry Tax (per person per day)

  • Nationals – 400 MZN  
  • SADC citizens – 600 MZN 
  • Other Nationalities – 900 MZN 
  • Children under 12 – No charge 

Boat Tax (applicable to mainland-based operators and private boat owners - per boat per day)

Boats carrying 1 - 9 passengers

  • Nationally registered Boat – 400MZN
  • SADC/ Other registered Boat – 600MZN 

Boats carrying 10 – 18 passengers

  • Nationally registered Boat – 600MZN
  • SADC/ Other registered Boat – 900MZN 

Boats carrying +19 passengers

  • Nationally registered Boat – 1,000 MZN 
  • SADC/ Other registered Boat – 1,500 MZN 

Diving Tax (per person per day) 

  • Nationals – 200 MZN 
  • SADC & other nationalities – 300 MZN 

Snorkelling Tax (per person per day)

  • Nationals – 150 MZN 
  • SADC & other nationalities – 250 MZN 

Sport Fishing Tax (per person per month)

  • Nationals – 400 MZN 
  • SADC & other nationalities – 800 MZN 

Professional/commercial photography (please note, this activity is subject to pre-authorization, and must be pre-arranged six weeks ahead of shooting): 

  • 7,500 MZN per day 

Professional/ commercial filming (please note, this activity is subject to pre-authorization, and must be pre-arranged six weeks ahead of shooting):

  • 15,000 MZN / day 
Need to Know

The park’s ecologically sensitive sites have been zoned as areas of ‘Total Protection’. No fishing or resource harvesting is permitted in these areas- represented on the map by red markers.

Click here to view map.

The following activities are prohibited within the Park: 

  • Entry without prior payment or booking 
  • Spearfishing
  • Wakeboarding
  • Water skiing
  • Sand Boarding on restricted dunes
  • Operation or use of a jet ski
  • Fishing, resource harvesting, or extraction in any Zone of Total Protection
  • Catch-and-release fishing in any Zone of Total Protection
  • Harassment, harming, capturing, or killing any wildlife (recreational angling aside). Refer to the codes of conduct for further guidance on viewing marine wildlife.  (create link to COCs)
  • Making fires on the beach sand - a metal sheet or drum must be used underneath all cooking fires/braai or barbeque coals. Coals or ash may not be left or disposed of in the Park, but must be removed with the tourist/ tourism operator when they leave the park. 
  • Leaving or disposing of rubbish in the park. All rubbish must be removed with the tourist/ tourism operator when they leave the park. 
  • Removing shells from the park
  • Disturbing turtle nests or nesting activity
  • Harvesting of or damaging coral
  • Professional/commercial filming or photography without a permit. 
  • Use of drones without a legitimate drone pilot licence and written authorisation from the Park Authority
When to Visit

The region is mild to warm in winter (May to August) with cooler evenings and early mornings. The park is hot in summer (October to March), and temperatures often exceed 30 degrees Celsius during December to February. These months are typically humid, have higher rainfall, and are also considered as cyclone season.


The park can be accessed easily from Vilankulo or Inhassoro, and is open to day visitors and long-stay guests alike. Most of the mainland-based lodges and hotels have their own boats and offer daily excursions to some of the park’s attractions. If not, they are able to arrange visits into the park through various tourism and activity operators.

Some of the activities available include:

  • Diving and snorkeling
  • Horse riding 
  • Kitesurfing
  • Picnics
  • Recreational fishing
  • Island hopping on sailboats
  • Live-aboard cruising
  • Community visits 
  • Helicopter flips
Tourist Tips

While the islands are not prone to malaria, it must be noted that Mozambique is a malaria area. Travellers can avoid getting bitten by mosquitoes by using insect repellents, as well as by wearing long sleeves and trousers in the evenings and mornings. It is also advisable that visitors consider taking prophylaxis prescribed by a doctor.

We are making every effort to preserve our coral reefs, and advise that visitors avoid chemical sunscreens, and opt for mineral sunscreens made from zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Better yet, covering up with hats, rash vests, swimming skins or light wetsuits are great alternatives.

Contact Details

Location: Mozambique

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 00258 82 262 0730

For visiting yachts and private boat owners, please arrange entry into the park prior arrival by calling 00258 82 262 0730 or message us on Whatsapp 00258 85 076 5512. 

To arrange professional/ commercial filming or photography permits, please email [email protected]

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