• Zambian Department of National Parks and Wildlife (DPNW)
    Zambian Department of National Parks and Wildlife (DPNW)
    The Zambian DNPW works to protect and conserve Zambia’s wildlife estates and to improve the quality of life among communities and maintain sustainable biodiversity. We began our work with the DNPW in Liuwa Plain National Park in 2003 and in the Bangweulu Wetlands in 2008.
  • Six Community Resource Boards
    Six Community Resource Boards
    The Community Resources Boards (CRBs) are the principal community partners in the management of Bangweulu Wetlands. The six Resource Boards are composed of democratically elected community members from Village Action Groups in the six Chiefdoms of Bangweulu. These community members represent the wider community of the wetland and ensure that key stakeholders are directly involved in management of the area.
  • WWF - The Netherlands
    WWF - The Netherlands & WWF - Zambia
    WWF-The Netherlands has been supporting African Parks since 2007, with the goal to develop the African Parks management model across Africa. Over €6.5 million of funding has gone to core operating costs and conservation projects at Liuwa Plain National Park, Bangweulu Wetlands and Odzala-Kokoua National Park. A group of five families called the “Odzala Circle” contributes the Odzala portion of this funding. Our partnership with WWF in the U.S. currently focuses on Odzala-Kokoua as well. WWF-Belgium became a strategic funding partner of African Parks supporting our Malawi parks and Liuwa Plain.