Park Revenue Generation

Well-managed parks generate revenue from job creation, tourism and other sustainable development projects, stimulating a conservation-led economy. All revenue generated from tourism goes into Akagera’s running costs, reducing reliance on donor funding and simultaneously making the park more financially self-sustaining. 2023 was Akagera’s best year yet for tourism with over 54,000 park visitors, of which 3,000 were community visitors, while 43% of paying guests were Rwandan citizens. International visitors increased by 32% and Rwandan citizens by 25% compared to the year before. Since 2010, Rwandan citizens have on average constituted over 40% of paying guests to the park, showing its value as an attraction and an asset in the country.

Akagera’s contribution to the Rwanda Tourism Revenue Sharing scheme in 2023 exceeded US$316,000, directly supporting Rwandan citizens. This scheme is a government financial vehicle that ensures tourism revenue benefits communities around the park by funding infrastructure and micro-businesses.

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