A Charted Course

African Parks Annual Report 2020

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We are pleased to present our 2020 Annual Report: A Charted Course. This report covers the impacts you helped us make in an unprecedented year, and which were only possible because of the partnerships we have with host Governments and our shared clarity of vision.

Today, we are cautiously optimistic that protecting nature is taking on new meaning for decision-makers, the voting public, and for neighbouring communities who during this economic collapse, are surviving off the very nature African Parks is protecting.

What we are most certain of is that our role, our mission, and the need to scale urgently, is more important than ever. To that end, we have recast our vision for the next decade and set our 2030 target to manage 30 parks measuring 30-million hectares across 11 biomes, significantly contributing to the global vision of protecting 30% of Africa for nature.

Thank you for standing with us, for being our partners, for your unwavering support now, and into this next chapter, as we chart a course to protect nature upon which our collective future depends.

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The African Parks Portfolio

map of current parks

Founded in 2000, African Parks takes on complete responsibility for the long-term management of national parks and protected areas in partnership with Governments and local communities. By the close of 2020, African Parks had 19 parks under management in 11 countries, over 14.7 million hectares (56,757 square miles), covering 10 of the 13 ecological biomes on mainland Africa. This is the largest and most ecologically diverse amount of land under protection for any one NGO on the continent.


Casting Our Vision: A Roadmap to 2030

map of plan for 2020

What is not being managed is being lost.

We aim to directly manage 30 protected areas by 2030, across 11 biomes, measuring 30 million hectares. In addition, 10 more protected areas spanning a further five million hectares will be managed by select partners through our newly created ‘Incubator Program’. These objectives are ambitious and will contribute significantly to the global target of protecting 30% of the Earth to keep the planet flourishing.

2020 By the Numbers

Ecological: Healthy Ecosystems Benefit Wildlife and People

When national parks are protected and effectively managed, they provide life-altering benefits like clean air, water and food security. Our Rangers provide security and create safe places by preventing key threats, laying the needed foundation for healthy ecosystems and sustainable development.

2020 By the Numbers


Socio-Political: Where Wildlife Thrive, People Thrive

Well-managed parks reap dividends for vulnerable communities. Our model ensures government and community representation on each park Board. We invest in schools, teacher salaries, medical units, and in sustainable livelihoods to build a constituency for conservation.

2020 by the numbers


Economic: Building A Conservation-Led Economy

Parks under our management generate revenue from job creation, tourism or other sustainable development projects. More jobs means more salaries and taxes are paid, stimulating a conservation-led economy. While tourism was down 50%, the parks continued to support thousands of people.

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