• Ministry of Wildlife Conservation and Tourism, The Republic of South Sudan
    In August 2022, the Government of South Sudan signed a 10-year renewable management agreement with African Parks for Boma and Badingilo National Parks, including the wildlife corridors and proposed extension zones in the broader landscape – an area extending over three million hectares. With this commitment, the South Sudanese Government has ensured the long-term protection of these vital ecosystems, to secure lasting benefits for people and wildlife. This partnership is made possible by the Ministry of Wildlife Conservation and Tourism (MWCT), through the South Sudan Wildlife Service (SSWS), the legal authority under the ministry responsible for management of wildlife and protected areas in South Sudan. His Excellency Rizik Zakaria Hassan is the Minister of the MWCT.
  • The Wyss Foundation
    The Wyss Foundation is a private charitable organisation dedicated to supporting innovative, lasting solutions that improve lives, empower communities and strengthen connections to the land. The Foundation’s relationship with African Parks began in 2015 with a grant to support the restoration of Akagera National Park, followed by a significant investment in Malawi’s Liwonde National Park and Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve. In 2017, the Foundation made a groundbreaking commitment of US$65m to provide ongoing support for Akagera and the Malawi parks, along with startup funding for five new parks. This enabled the addition of Pendjari and W in Benin, Bazaruto Archipelago National Park in Mozambique, Iona National Park in Angola and Matusadona National Park in Zimbabwe. In 2021, the Foundation furthered its support of African Parks with another extraordinary commitment of US$108m, which will provide for the continued support of current Wyss-funded parks, as well as startup funding for another five new parks. Two new parks in our portfolio – Kafue National Park in Zambia and Badingilo National Park in South Sudan – are benefitting from the Wyss Foundation’s latest commitment.
  • Fondation Segré
    A Swiss foundation established in 1996, it is committed to helping protect the biodiversity of our planet through active conservation of threatened species and their habitats, and restoration of degraded ecosystems. Fondation Segré became a strategic funding partner of African Parks in 2016 and has contributed over US$7m to support a range of parks. In 2022, Fondation Segré assisted African Parks in Ennedi Natural and Cultural Reserve, Akagera National Park and the newly added Boma-Badingilo landscape.
  • Hempel Foundation
    The Danish Hempel Foundation recognises biodiversity loss as one of the most urgent global problems today. The Hempel Foundation has defined global priorities and partners with organisations in order to support interventions that align with its core beliefs and that have proven potential to sustain biodiversity at scale. On the African continent, Hempel supports the work of African Parks in Nyungwe National Park in Rwanda and in the Boma-Badingilo-Gambella-Omo landscape (in South Sudan and Ethiopia), which includes part of the Eastern Afromontane Hotspot.
  • The Elephant Crisis Fund (ECF)
    A joint initiative of Save the Elephants and the Wildlife Conservation Network, the ECF is a flexible and responsive fund that supports the best efforts of the most trusted organisations globally, working to secure a future for elephant in Africa. Since 2015, the ECF has not only contributed more than US$4.7m to African Parks, but also expertise on best practices in elephant conservation. This has benefitted critical surveillance, intelligence-based protection, and human-elephant conflict mitigation activities for some of our most threatened elephant populations.