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After raising US$660,200 in 2020 for African Parks, "Prints for Wildlife” has returned with even more photographers & prints on offer

Against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, Prints for Wildlife became a pioneering print fundraiser and one of 2020‘s most hopeful conservation stories. Over 120 acclaimed and emerging international wildlife photographers came together for an unprecedented print fundraiser to support local communities and wildlife in some of Africa’s most important protected areas. Together they raised US$660,200 by selling over 6,500 unique wildlife prints within just 30 days.

With the continuation of COVID-19 travel restrictions, local economies and conservation efforts across Africa remain under pressure. That’s why Prints for Wildlife co-founders Marion Payr and Pie Aerts have reunited and bought back their successful print fundraiser to once again support African Parks, and the people and wildlife in the 19 parks in 11 countries under our management.

This year Prints for Wildlife has returned larger than before! With over 170 renowned wildlife photographers from 33 countries participating in Prints for Wildlife, the goal is to raise funds for African Parks.

The limited “Prints for Wildlife” sale is open from July 11th to August 11th 2021 and features 170+ photos from acclaimed wildlife photographers which will be sold for US$100 through the online shop Prints for Wildlife.

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The Impact of Prints for Wildlife: Communities & Wildlife

The first edition of Prints for Wildlife in 2020 generated over US$660,200 in print sales. 100% of the proceeds after printing and handling were donated to African Parks to support our conservation efforts in managing 19 parks spanning 14.7 million hectares, which is the largest amount of area under conservation by any one NGO in Africa. Managed effectively, these vital natural landscapes safeguard biodiversity and support human well being, delivering clean air and water, food security, carbon sequestration, livelihoods and healthcare.

This critical revenue in the midst of a global pandemic helped sustain the impact of African Parks in 2020:

  • 108,579 people have received healthcare in and around the parks
  • 105 schools have been built and supported and 752 scholarships have been provided
  • 3,219 full-time staff, of which 95% are local, under employment
  • 1,064 rangers ensured safe spaces for people and wildlife
  • COVID-19 response: 135,800 people reached through awareness campaigns, 65,000 masks and 5,000 litres of soap distributed, 630 handwashing stations installed