Protecting Our Wild Future

A Partnership between Massimo Alba and African Parks

What is the one thing we as people, as a species, cannot live without? Nature.

Nature sustains us, providing us with the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, the home we live on. Without her, we and everything we know, will cease to exist.

That is why Massimo Alba has decided to dedicate their “Africa” handkerchiefs and shawls collection to African Parks. 

With 15 parks in nine countries under management, African Parks is conserving more than 10.5 million hectares of wild landscapes; protecting some of the planet’s most important species – elephants, rhinos, lions, and gorillas; and are creating safe and healthy places for millions of people.

With every purchase of an “Africa” Massimo Alba’s handkerchief or shawl, you are helping to support the efforts of African Parks and doing your part to help protect our wild and natural future.

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