Arent Fock, Stichting African Parks Foundation Chairman

Arent Fock


Stichting African Parks Foundation, Netherlands

Arent Fock (1960) holds a BA in Biology from the University of Amsterdam and an MBA from Erasmus’ Rotterdam School of Management. After working in finance and consultancy, Arent started his first business in 1994. From that moment on, Arent has been building businesses and has occupied various board positions including member of the executive team of a German listed chain of bakeries that expanded into a multinational with 15,000 employees. Arent since founded Foreman Capital – a private equity outfit based in Amsterdam, with a focus on mid-sized businesses in Northern Europe. Next to for-profit interests, Arent holds various not-for-profit board seats, including chairman of Vereniging Rembrandt, the largest private supporter of Dutch public art collections. Arent and his family currently live in the Zurich area.