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The Story Behind the Photograph

A partnership with Jonathan Z. Lee

Ultimately my passion is conservation. I've always believed that art and individuals can make an impact in both raising awareness, as well as directly funding important work on the ground.” - Jonathan Z. Lee

Jonathan Z. Lee is partnering with African Parks to bring you the story behind the photograph. Jonathan’s photographs capture not only the beauty of our natural world, but they are also helping protect nature at its core.

Our mission at African Parks is to save Africa's protected areas and ensure their long-term sustainability so that they can contribute to Africa's sustainable development and the wellbeing of its people and wildlife. Thanks to our partnership with Jonathan, a donation is made to African Parks with each piece of art purchased and each gift will have an immediate and direct impact on our work on the ground. To purchase one of his extraordinary pieces of art please visit his website.

If you would like to contribute to these parks ongoing protection and restoration, please consider making a donation today and join a force for good. 

Help protect Africa’s parks today

Join a force for good and support our work to curb poaching, protect more wildlife landscapes and secure a future for Africa’s wildlife so that Africa’s wild stories live on long into the future.

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