Community Development

With its park management team, African Parks is establishing employment, in tourism, education and community development projects to improve the livelihoods of local communities and ensure people can benefit from the park and its biodiversity. Infrastructure development and skills-based training to provide local employment are a top priority.

With Zambia’s established tourism industry, Kafue has tremendous potential to emerge as a leading travel destination within the country and in Africa, helping create much-needed opportunities and employment for surrounding communities.  

Community Engagement

The new park management partnership with African Parks was introduced to the communities around the park by the Ministry of Tourism in 2022. Thereafter, initial engagements were held with the Community Resource Boards (CRBs) and chiefs. A Community and Extension Manager was appointed to lead the development of a full Community Engagement Strategy in 2023 that will guide community development activities, along with key partners such as The Nature Conservancy.

Education and Environmental Awareness

One of the local schools where African Parks provide literacy programmes for children living around Kafue © Mike Dexter

Trials of the Happy Readers literacy programme are being run at Chunga and Ngoma schools. Additional infrastructural maintenance support has been provided to these two schools, as well as the introduction of ZeduPads which are solar-powered pre-loaded tablets that enhance teaching and learning.

Sustainable Enterprise Development

Through training and upskilling, employment opportunities are being made available for local community members. © African Parks

To provide local communities with alternative and sustainable livelihood opportunities, African Parks is exploring community development initiatives to determine ways to stimulate local businesses, such as beekeeping and honey production.