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Outfit a Ranger

African Parks is participating the Wildlife Ranger Challenge to help raise needed funds for rangers across Africa. On October 3rd, our entire ranger unit of 1,000 rangers ran a cumulative distance of 21,000 km within the parks we manage.

Even during these tumultuous times, our conservation work continues. Despite country lockdowns and a halt in tourism, our rangers have not missed one patrol on one day in one park! It is thanks to the ongoing support of our major donors that we have had the resilience to ensure that all parks under management have remained fully operational with all staff fully employed.

However, we recognize that other groups including governments and NGOs have not been as fortunate. That is why our rangers wanted to run on October 3rd, to support their colleagues in need across the continent and raise funding to help outfit 1,000 non-African Parks rangers with basic but critical gear. And all it takes is $250 per ranger.

What you can do:

  1. Donate to African Parks and help us outfit a ranger
    • $250 can supply one ranger with one set of boots, socks, shirt, trousers, hat, belt, water filter, first aid kit and a light pack
    • These are small but critically needed items by under-funded rangers which can help them do their job, and even save their lives
    • Every dollar raised will go towards creating these kits, which we will give to those who need it the most
  2. Follow the campaign on our social channels on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter where you can cheer our rangers on
Outfit a Ranger

Rangers are the cornerstone of effective protected area management. Through daily patrols, upholding wildlife laws, and their strong community engagement, rangers create safe spaces. And it is in these spaces where wildlife can return, schools can be built, children can learn, jobs are created, and people can benefit from these wild landscapes.

Join with us and help us support 1,000 other rangers in need, so they can protect Africa’s natural heritage and improve the lives of so many.

The Wildlife Ranger Challenge is a collaborative initiative in partnership with Tusk & NATURAL STATE supported by the Scheinberg Relief Fund.


On October 3rd, over 1,000 of our rangers ran a collective 21,000 km, across 17 parks in Africa as part of the Wildlife Ranger Challenge.

Your support can go a long way

Donate to African Parks and help us outfit another 1,000 under-funded rangers with basic but critical gear. One kit costs just $250 and every dollar raised of any amount will go towards creating ranger kits. So far we have outfitted 780 rangers, will you help us outfit another 220?

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