Park Revenue Generation

Though Iona is known only to the most adventurous of international travelers, the Namib Desert is considered a gem of the country to Angolan nationals and one of the country’s most valued landmarks. Many local tourists and residents of Angola visit Iona to explore the dunes and for its fame as a fishing destination.

As basic infrastructure and law enforcement systems have now been put in place, Iona is planning to place more focus on developing tourism. A comprehensive Commercial Development Plan is under development, considering the current status of tourism at the provincial and national levels and how to grow Iona’s profile as a tourism destination. In the meantime, new systems for distribution of park rules and indemnity forms, and signage for the three park gates have been put in place, highlighting the partnership between African Parks and INBC.

Twelve gate officers were recruited in early 2023 from Iona’s local communities and given training on hospitality and English in order to welcome tourists at the entrance gates. Iona’s local tourism operators, and the park’s fame as a remarkable fishing destination, brought in 998 visitors in 2022.