• The Republic of Chad
    The Republic of Chad
    The Republic of Chad is African Parks’ partner in the management of Greater Zakouma and Ennedi Natural and Cultural Reserve. The Chadian Government, on the advice of the European Union, approached African Parks in 2010 to take on the management responsibility of Zakouma in order to put an end to the ongoing scourge of elephant poaching. The mandate agreement was signed in June 2010 and African Parks commenced management of the park and periphery in October of the same year. In 2017, the Government of the Republic of Chad signed a new agreement to expand the management and protection of a greater conservation area called 'Greater Zakouma' with Zakouma National Park at its core. In 2018, African Parks assumed management Ennedi Natural and Cultural, a spectacular World Heritage Site.
  • EU logo
    European Union
    The European Union (EU) has been a strategic funding partner in Central Africa, providing anchor funding for Garamba, Zakouma and Odzala-Kokoua. Under the 11th European Development Fund, the EU has committed €20 million towards the Greater Garamba area for the period 2016-2020 and €10 million towards the Greater Zakouma area from 2017-2021. The Bêkou Trust Fund for CAR has also made a €1.5 million commitment to Chinko.
  • Dutch Postcode Lottery
    The Dutch Postcode Lottery
    The Dutch Postcode Lottery has been raising funds since 1989 to support a fairer and greener world. Today it is the biggest charity lottery in the Netherlands, with 50 percent of the 900,000 annual turnover going to over 100 non-governmental organisations. Since the start of the Lottery over €5.4 billion has been distributed to these beneficiaries. African Parks has been a beneficiary of the Dutch Postcode Lottery since 2010 and receives €900,000 in unrestricted funding per year. The Lottery also committed €890,000 for Rapid Response Units (2013-2017) and €2.6 million towards the Restoration of Liwonde National Park and Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve in Malawi (2016-2017). The Lottery is also supporting the first three year of African Parks’ management of Ennedi through a €2.9 million ‘Extra Project’ (2018-2020).