Martin Rickelton

Regional Operations Manager (South Sudan, Ethiopia & Garamba)

Park Boards
Regional Management

Martin Rickelton’s conservation career  spans more than two decades and includes  extensive experience in park development,  capture and translocations. Martin worked  across North and South America, Europe  and the Middle East focusing on game  capture and translocation for a period of six  years, after which he moved into park  development and management for a period  of fifteen years. During this time he  managed areas that included Phinda  Resource Reserve, Karkloof Falls and  several others. Martin subsequently moved  to the private sector, where he ran his own  company for a number of years, which has  contributed to his broad management  experience. He joined African Parks in  December 2014 and worked on projects in  both Gambella in Ethiopia and Chinko in  the Central African Republic. In 2017,  Martin assumed the position of Regional  Manager for Anglophone parks.