Julien Chevillot

Funding and Reporting Manager

Park Management

Julien CHEVILLOT, studied management and nature protection in France. He got to know W National Park through an internship focusing on the anthropic pressures on natural resources. Passionate about the biological richness of this huge reserve and its development potential, he has since 2009 been devoting himself full time to the protection and conservation of W National Park complex through the implementation of several projects in Benin, Burkina Faso and Niger. In 2014 with a Beninese partner, he built the Koudou Falls Lodge with the focus to support conservation in W Benin National Park. In 2015 he founded an NGO to finance and manage anti-poaching patrols in the W National Park complex as well as the monitoring of large carnivores. He joined Pendjari National Park in June 2019 to act in the position of interim Special Project Manager. He then moved, still acting in the same role, to W Benin National Park as part of the PIP project. Since October 2020, he is acting as Special Project Manager and Conservation Manager for W National Park-Benin.