Our Track Record

Given African Parks’ competency and expertise in protected area management, we are well-positioned to secure 30 parks in our portfolio by 2030. Some key and relevant achievements include:

  • Managing 22 parks in 12 countries, covering over 20 million hectares, representing 10 of the continent’s 13 ecological biomes. This is the largest and most ecologically diverse area in Africa under conservation management for any one NGO.
  • Having a Law Enforcement Unit of 1,328 rangers, who are often the only stabilising force in some of the most remote and under-served areas in Africa. In 2021 alone, they confiscated 28.4 tonnes of illegal wildlife products including ivory and bushmeat, removed 26,459 snares and made 2,687 arrests across the parks.
  • Creating safe spaces for threatened species, including more than 13,842 elephants, 1,901 giraffes, 7,270 western lowland gorillas, 2,152 chimpanzees, 477 lions and 51 cheetahs.
  • Reintroducing over 8,000 animals representing at least 24 species, including bringing rhinos and lions back to Rwanda, and cheetahs lions, and African wild dogs back to Malawi.
  • In 2021 alone we supported 187 schools and provided 958 scholarships to children in need. We supported 27 hospitals and mobile health clinics, which provided 147,685 people with healthcare.
  • Employing a total of 3,788 full-time staff in 2021, 90% of whom are local employees, paying US$33.4 million in salaries and US$6.9 million in taxes.
  • In 2021, we still welcomed 97,879 tourists and generated US$1.3 million in tourism revenue, and US$1.3 million from social enterprises, which goes back to the parks and local communities.