Tiffany Gobert

Executive Assistant

Park Management

Tiffany started off her career in conservation in Bolivia as an intern for the CIWY (Communidad Inti Wara Yassi) NGO a sanctuary for trafficked wildlife. She then worked with the Primate Habituation Program in Dzanga Sangha in the Central African Republic before joining the EAGLE (Eco Activists for Governance and Law Enforcement) network. After 2 years she was promoted to the position of PALF coordinator (a branch of the EAGLE network) project in Congo Brazzaville where she worked for over two and a half years assisting the Congolese government in the arrest of over 60 major wildlife traffickers. In 2023, she joined African Parks as Funding and Reporting Manager in the Ennedi Natural and Cultural Reserve in Chad. The following year she took up her current position as Executive Assistant in Chinko in the Central African Republic.