Fauna & Flora

Hippopotamus amphibius in Pendjari © GIZ-Projet Pro-AGRI

Pendjari is the largest remaining intact ecosystem in the whole of West Africa and the last vast refuge for West African wildlife. It is home to elephant, buffalo, lion, cheetah, leopard and many other species (hippo, korrigum, hartebeest, Buffon’s kob and Defassa waterbuck to name a few) as well as more than 400 bird species.

Wildlife Monitoring

One of the first critical steps will be to create a baseline study of wildlife in the park, therefore a survey of all large mammals will be carried out every two years. A telemetric or specific monitoring system of key species such as elephants, lions, leopards and cheetahs - the iconic species of Pendjari - will be implemented. Actions will be taken to confirm the presence of wild dogs and if confirmed, a special programme will be developed to understand their use of the park and their transboundary movements. Scientific research will also be fostered through close collaboration with Beninese and foreign universities and research organisations.