Because the park is so isolated, it remains one of the most pristine safari experiences available. There is a small group of intrepid 4x4 self-drive explorers who come and stay at one of our community campsites within the park between June and December. Although African Parks assists with bookings and management, the campsites are owned and run by the community. Four out of five campsites have flushing toilets, cold water showers and attendants who can assist with gathering water and firewood. Four of our campsites are located inside the park, with another campsite just outside the park. All of our campsites can accommodate up to 20 people, and are divided into five sites per campground with a maximum of four persons per campground.

Campsite: Kwale

Kwale is set on the southern edge of the park in an area with frequent buffalo sightings all year round. One can find large numbers of animals close to this campsite in October, November and December.

Campsite: Lyangu

Lyangu is  situated with  access  to  the  western area  of  the  park and  is  a  relatively  short drive from the park boundary. Located just on the edge of a large plain, it is possible to view hyena, lechwe, and wildebeest, depending on the season.

Campsite: Katoyana

Tucked into the edge of Katoyana woodland on the expansive Nundu grass plain, this campsite is near to numerous permanent pans with a rich birdlife. Being located further north gives guests the opportunity to seek out wildebeest herds and when the wildebeest start coming back from the north, the plains near Katoyana hold large groups with their new born calves. The campsite also offers good access to the areas in which Liuwa’s lion pride prefers to hunt, and hyena clans are also often sighted nearby.

Campsite: Sikale

All the way up north is the beautiful Sikale campground, the quietest and most remote site in the park. It's located further away from the boundary than the other campsites and is ideal for guests looking for a real African bush adventure. The fact that you can be close to herds of thousands of wildebeests in the dry season definitely makes up for the absence of running water and flushing toilets.

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Location: Zambia