Because the park is so isolated, it remains one of the most pristine safari experiences available. There is a small group of intrepid 4x4 self-drive explorers who come and stay at one of our community campsites within the park between June and December. Although African Parks assists with bookings and management, the campsites are owned and run by the community. Four out of five campsites have flushing toilets, hot water showers and attendants who can assist with gathering water. All of our campsites can accommodate up to 20 people and are divided into five sites per campground with a maximum of four persons per campground, with exception to Sikale which accommodates a maximum of 15 people and is divided into three campsites.

Lyangu: Located with easy access to the western area of the park and a relatively short drive from the park boundary, this convenient site is on the edge of a large plain. Throughout different times of the year hyena, lechwe and wildebeest are regularly seen and birdlife at the pans is splendid.

Katoyana: Located near the centre of the park and allows access to the woodlands, pans and plains in the eastern area of the park. There are hyena dens nearby, lion and cheetah are often sighted and birdlife is prolific. Its shady position and many pans nearby make it a favourite.

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Kwale: Located in the southern part of the park, buffalo herds are frequently sighted and the area around the sausage tree is frequented by many mammals, especially in the later part of the year. Beautiful and shaded, it is a win for birders too.

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Mukalabumbu: Located in the northern part of the park, between Katoyana and Sikale campsites, Mukalabumbu is the most convenient campsite for exploring the north. With Miyanda pools lying just 4km southeast of the campsite, the area is a win for birdlife. Lion sightings are most frequent around this area.

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Sikale: Located in the far north, this site is more challenging to access. It is truly a wilderness campsite, so self-sufficiency is key. In the cooler months the wildebeest congregate near this camp and is a beautiful, remote and quiet place to visit.

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Location: Zambia