Law Enforcement

Camel herders Andrew Brukman © Andrew Brukman

Over the past 50 years, various forms of poaching have significantly diminished the large mammal populations of the Ennedi Massif.

As a result, key species including lion, ostrich, Dama gazelle, oryx and addax have completely disappeared. Effective law enforcement is needed to protect the remaining large mammals, which are now subject to similar poaching pressure.  Key threats to Ennedi currently include the hunting of Barbary sheep and Dorcas gazelles; conflict between herders and carnivores including striped hyaenas and golden jackals, arising from predation on livestock; unsustainable livestock and farming practices; wood harvesting; unregulated vehicle activities; and degradation of archaeological sites.

African Parks has identified several measures in which it is investing heavily to counteract these threats. Key among them is establishing a well-trained and equipped law enforcement team to carry out monitoring, patrols and surveillance. In addition, needed infrastructure, information and communication systems will be established. Importantly, all law enforcement efforts will be coordinated through close collaboration with local communities and regional authorities.