Community Involvement

Many thousands of people still rely on the biotic resources provided by the park’s vulnerable ecosystems as a primary support for their livelihoods. Three of the islands are permanently inhabited by 5,800 local people, who rely heavily on the area’s marine resources for subsistence. It is therefore essential to encourage community participation in conservation-led socio-economic development for the preservation of this archipelago.

Sustainable Livelihoods Enterprise Development

In order to provide local communities with alternative, more sustainable livelihood opportunities, African Parks will explore aquaculture initiatives and determine ways to stimulate local businesses.


Bazaruto Archipelago has the potential to be an exceptional marine and coastal tourism destination in East Africa, from which local communities stand to benefit through economic and employment opportunities. African Parks will be working to increase local community employment through tourism concessions, train local tourism guides and further enhance skills through hospitality and English literacy training. Exclusive tourism activities will be explored for their potential as alternative livelihood opportunities.