Devastated by Drought

A severe drought across Western Zambia has left many of Liuwa Plain National Park’s community members in a dire situation. Exceptionally low rainfall has resulted in ruinously low crop yields and a deficit in ground water that is impacting food security at every level. Quite simply, there just isn’t enough to go around.

We’re particularly concerned because we know the situation is going to get worse before it gets better. As a member of this community, we are in a position to help and we must. We are working to identify 600 of the most vulnerable families (3,600 individuals) and deliver basic and reliable food (maize) to them until the rains bring life back to Liuwa’s Plains once again. 

How you can help

From procuring maize, to the fuel and vehicles needed to transport it, this ambitious and urgent programme requires budget and resources.

To provide relief efforts to 600 families for six-months (including food supplies, transport, staff time and logistics infrastructure), we need to raise $125,000.

Regardless of the amount, you will have an impact.

  • $15,000 will purchase the raw maize provisions for one month
  • $5,000 will provide the maize needed to feed more than 30 families for six months
  • $1,000 will cover the entire costs of the programme for six families
  • $150 will cover the entire costs of the programme for one family

Please consider donating today

Because 100% of funding goes towards the relief effort, every dollar counts. You can make a difference and help support our work to provide much needed food and other resources to 600 families for six-months.

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