Hope Starts Here

Today, as a global pandemic sweeps across the planet, bringing countries to a virtual standstill, the message is louder than ever - we depend on nature for our survival. While COVID-19 came from nature – it is our own actions that unleashed it. Our insatiable demand for space and resources has caused habitat destruction and over exploitation of wildlife, which we now know is undeniably linked to this epidemic.

If there was ever a case for protecting nature, if we ever needed a reminder that our mission matters, it is now.

Donate to African Parks

At African Parks, we are protecting nature.

With 17 parks in 11 countries under our management, spanning over 13.3 million hectares, we are safeguarding a significant portion of Africa’s biodiversity. We are preserving functioning ecosystems that sustain millions of people.

With close to 6,000 full and part time staff working across the continent, we provide safe haven for people and wildlife alike. Our rangers and community development teams prevent habitat loss, poaching and the illegal wildlife trade, and help communities to understand the link between environmental health and human health.

With your help, the parks we manage provide clean air and water, food security, carbon sequestration, jobs, education, and healthcare. The parks deliver not only opportunity, but hope for the future.

Watch: Hope Starts Here

Your support goes a long way

We hope you think of African Parks, and see that hope starts here. You can make a difference and donate to help support our work to protect these wild landscapes to ensure a healthy future for us all.

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