• Howard G. Buffett Foundation
    The Howard G. Buffett Foundation has committed over $1 billion since its inception in 1999 to catalyze transformational change to improve the world and the lives of the most impoverished and marginalized populations. We see the Foundation’s resources as the rare risk capital that can be deployed to create change in even the most difficult of circumstances. The Foundation invests funding in three main areas: global food security, conflict mitigation, and public safety. The Foundation has been partnering with the Republic of Rwanda to address food security, mitigate conflict, and invest in conservation for more than two decades.
  • Rwanda Development Board
    In 2010, the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) signed an agreement with African Parks establishing the Akagera Management Company (AMC) to jointly manage the park. RDB works to transform Rwanda into a dynamic hub for business, investment and innovation, and to fast-track economic development by enabling private sector growth. Visit and to learn more.
  • Akagera Management Company
    Established in 2010, the Akagera Management Company (AMC) is the joint venture vehicle of the public-private partnership between the RDB and African Parks that is responsible for managing Akagera National Park.
  • People’s Postcode Lottery
    People’s Postcode Lottery is a charity subscription lottery open to players across Britain. Their players have raised over £168.4 million for charities and community projects across Great Britain and beyond. A minimum of 30% of the ticket price goes to charities as unrestricted funding. Their players are helping fantastic charities do amazing work in difficult times.
  • Dutch Government
    The Dutch Government promotes the Netherlands as a country of enterprise with a strong international competitive position and an eye for sustainability. We encourage cooperation between research institutes and businesses with a focus on nature and the natural word. Along with supporting the rhino translocation in Akagera, the Dutch government also supported the historic translocation of lions back to Akagera in 2015.