Thomas Ladner

Board Member

African Parks Foundation, Switzerland

Thomas Ladner started his legal career with the law firm Homburger in Zurich. From 2000 - 2004, he lectured on corporate law and contract law at the University of St. Gallen from where he also holds a Ph.D. In 2002, he joined one of Switzerland’s leading law firms Meyerlustenberger Lachenal as Partner. In 2009, Thomas moved on to become Partner at a San Francisco-based Private Equity firm (until 2014) while simultaneously serving as Counsel with Meyerlustenberger Lachenal, a position he still holds. Today, Thomas also acts as professional board member in more than a dozen companies.

Throughout his professional life Thomas was passionate about creating communities of business and thought leaders. In 1999, he founded the Entrepreneurs' Roundtable ( He continued to co-found several other organizations, such as the Club zum Rennweg ( and WORLD.MINDS Foundation (