Robert-Jan van Ogtrop


African Parks Network, South Africa

Robert-Jan van Ogtrop is the former CEO of Bols Royal Distilleries and subsequently became CEO of Remy Cointreau, prior to becoming an industrial partner at CVC Capital Partners where he is currently on the advisory board. Recently Robert-Jan became a partner at Phatisa, a private equity firm operating in Africa. Furthermore, he is the Founder and acting Chairman of theĀ Circle Economy, a social enterprise with the goal to accelerate the transition to a circular economy and continues to be an active investor in companies with the objective of making them circular focused. Robert-Jan proactively pursues opportunities in which he can combine his business experience with activities focused on nature conservation and on development in Africa, amongst others as chairman of African Parks, chairman of the TBL Mirror Fund, as a board member of the Wilderness Foundation and as a founder of the Foundation for Natural Leadership. He is also a non-executive board member at various companies.