Naftali Honig

General Manager

Park Management

Naftali Honig is the General Manager of the Greater Zakouma Ecosystem, a complex of protected areas in southeastern Republic of Chad, which includes the well-renowned Zakouma National Park, as well as the Siniaka-Minia Wildlife Reserve. Born in New York City, Naftali has spent most of his adult life in Africa, the last dozen years specifically in Central Africa, principally working on countering wildlife crime and protected area management. Having recently moved from Garamba National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Naftali now manages the Greater Zakouma Ecosystem on behalf of African Parks, in a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) with the Chadian government.

Prior to joining African Parks, Naftali was a co-founder of the EAGLE Network, and brought about unprecedented arrests and sentences for wildlife criminals, including ivory traffickers and corrupt officials facilitating poaching and trafficking in West and Central Africa. During this time, he started the first canine unit dedicated to countering illegal wildlife trade in the Republic of Congo, worked on a CITES Delegation, and was named a National Geographic Explorer. He is a graduate of Cornell University.